IMC Exam 2 Quiz Questions

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In radio station programming, the 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. time period when most people listen to the radio as they get ready for work or school is an example of which of the following?Daypart
Which of the following is the best example of payola in the record industry?A record label giving cash or gifts to a disc jockey in order to secure airtime
The recorded-music industry is similar to book publishing in what key way?Over half of the total sales volume in both industries comes from only a handful of artists/clients, numbering only in the hundreds.
At its inception radio received considerable financial support from which of the following? The U.S. military
Radio stations are given call letters designating the station according to _____________.the geographic location in which they operate
Which of the following best demonstrates why radio is used globally as an emergency broadcast system?Radio is highly portable and can utilize a variety of power sources.
Who helped push the development of television as a mass medium yet blocked the development of FM radio for years?David Sarnoff
Which of the following is a form of DRM utilized by the record industry?Limiting the number of copies of digital music available and encrypting physical copies of music
Satellite radio is often of little use during emergency situations. Which of the following best explains why?Satellite radio utilizes computerized automated systems to play songs, and DJs often host remotely, making adaptation to a changing situation impossible.
Which of the following is the most significant difference between a podcast and a direct download?Podcasts often have an episodic nature, whereas direct downloads do not.
Suppose you want to start your own restaurant. Which of the following methods of obtaining seed money would best be described as crowdfunding?Posting the potential location, menu, and business plan to Kickstarter and setting up an appropriate funding goal.
Which of the following is most similar to a traditional brick-and-mortar record store?Best Buy
Which of the following would best be categorized as a noncommercial radio station? NPR
Napster was which of the following?An Internet file-sharing program
Which of the following best summarizes why radio is as vital today as ever?Just about everybody listens to radio, no particular technical skill is required of the listener, and an electrical connection is not essential.
How do commercial radio stations make their money?From on-air advertisements
A major reason why self-reports of radio usage tend to underreport is __________.consumers often play the radio in the background as a filler while they engage in other activities
Why can online retailers like Amazon afford to stock the merchandise of lesser-known artists?They don't have to worry about display space like a physical store does.
Which of the following best summarizes the main difference(s) between satellite radio and "traditional” radio?Satellite radio is a subscription-based service with fewer limitations on content, better audio quality, and access to much larger territory than traditional radio.
Suppose the radio in your car utilizes a digital signal that charges a monthly or yearly subscription fee. What kind of radio station would you most likely be listening to?Satellite

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