Illinois articles and goverment oficals

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Section 1

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article 1 the bill of rights
article 2 3 branches
article 3Voting regulations
article 4 legislative branch
article 5 Executive branch
article 6 Judicial branch
article 7home rule provision
article 8 finance
article 9 Revenue
article 10 Education
article 11Environment
article 12 militia
article 13 general provision
article 14 constitutional revision

Section 2

Question Answer
US House of Reps (IL 3rd Dist.)Dan Lipinski
Senior IL Senator to US SenateDick Durbin
Junior IL Senator to US SenateTammy Duckworth
IL House of Reps (IL 82nd Dist.)Jim Durkin
IL State Senator (IL 41st Dist.)Christine Radogno
Governor of illinois Bruce Rauner
Lieutenant GovernorEvelyn Sanguinetti
Secretary of StateJesse White
Attorney GeneralLisa Madigan
State TreasurerMichael Frerichs
ComptrollerLeslie Munger