IL 12 and 23 inhibitors Chapter 26

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Section 1

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Ustekinumab is fully human IgGT
Stelara is directed against p40 of Il12 and 23T
Stelara has a BA very similar to etanerceptT. 57%
The T1/2 of stelara is very similar to etanerceptF. 21 days
Body weight, diabetes and antibodies influence clearance and distributionT. Especially body weight. Dose adjust for weight. If <100kg 45mg and if >100kg 90mg. Sub cut . Week 0, 4 then 12 weekly
Body weight <100kg = clearance of 55% higher, and volume of distribution 37% higherT
The development of autoantibodies to stelara is the same as adalimumabF. 3.2% (3.2% is the frequency of injection site reactions in adalimumab)
The rate of auto antibodies are 5.4%T
Injection site reactions occur in <2%T, 1.3%
Increased risk of cardiovascular events is more likely related to comorbiditeisT
Serious adverse events, NMSC, malignancy rates are all lowT

Section 2

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The t1/2 of Briakinumab is 8-10 daysT
Injection site reactions approx 15%T 17%

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