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Question Answer black and white A subject or situation one easy to understand what is right or wrong and bluedark mark on ur skin caused by accident
3.cats and dogsrain heavily
4.cock and bull storyabsurd,illogical,improbable story
5.A tall storyan unbelievable or statement bcoz to exciting or intersting
6.blow hot and coldalternate inconsistently between two moods, attitudes, or courses of action."he had behaved badly, stringing her along, blowing hot and cold" cold bloodwithout feeling or mercy; ruthlessly."the government forces killed them in cold blood"
8.get the axe or get the sack be removed or dismissed from job
9.under a cloud people are suspicious or have a poor opinion of the individual because they think that he has done something bad
10.die in harness die while working good physical condn

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