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Question Answer
you refuse to face the unpleasant reality by pretending that the situation doesn't existbury head in sand
you exhaust yourself by doing too much, especially going to bed late and getting up earlyburn the candle at both ends
If the effect of an action is more damaging than helpfuldo more harm than good
you mention the names of famous people you know or have met in order to impress othersdrop names
If you do something primarily to draw attention to yourself and feel important or superior to othersego trip
apology for using crude or offensive languagepardon my french
trying to do something even when there is little chance of succeedingfighting a loosing battle
leave an official or social event without notifying the person who invited youfrench leave
present strong competition in circumstances where the other person expects to win easilygive run for money
change the subject completely in the middle of a speech or conversationgo off on a tangent

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