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Question Answer
Once in a blue moonSomething that happens very rarely
Beating around the bush Avoiding the main topic
Chip on your shoulderwhen someone is upset about something that happened a while ago
cry over spilt milk Complaining about a loss or failure from the past
Spill the beansMeaning-To disclose a secret
Piece of cakeMeaning-Something that is easy to understand or do
Blessing in disguiseMeaning-Something good and useful that did not initially seem that waY
Come hell or high waterMeaning-Possible obstacles in your path (will not stop you)
Taste of your own medicineMeaning-When someone receives the same treatment, usually negative, that he/she gives to others
Golden handshakeMeaning-A big sum of money given to a person when he/she leaves a company or retires
Mean businessMeaning-Being serious/dedicated
Apple of one’s eyeMeaning-Being cherished more than others are
The best of both worldsMeaning-The benefits of widely differing situations, enjoyed at the same time.
Feeling a bit under the weatherMeaning-Feeling slightly ill
Icing on the cakeMeaning-Something that turns good into great
Cost an arm and a legMeaning-Be very expensive
Jump the bandwagonMeaning-To join a popular activity or trend
Ball is in your courtMeaning-When it is up to you to make the next decision or step.
Bite off more than you can chewMeaning-To take up a task which you may not be able to accomplish due to lack of ability.
Can’t judge a book by its coverCannot judge something primarily on appearance.
Hear it on grapevineTo hear rumors about something or someone
it takes two to tangoMeaning-Actions or communications need more than one person
Last strawMeaning-The final problem in a series of problems
to be in the doldrumsMeaning-To be in low spirits
To sit on the fence-To remain neutral
Break the iceMeaning-To initiate a social conversation or interaction
A litmus testMeaning-A method that helps to know if something is correct
At the drop of a hatMeaning-Willingness to do something instantly
Afraid of one’s own shadowMeaning-To become easily frightened
A house of cardsMeaning-A poor plan
Black and blueMeaning-Full of bruises
Bone of contentionMeaning-A subject or issue over which there is continuing disagreement
Fool’s paradiseMeaning-False sense of happiness or success
Eat humble pieMeaning-To apologize humbly
Give cold shoulderMeaning-To ignore
Get a raw dealeaning-To not be treated as well as other people
Hit the nail on the headMeaning-To do the correct thing
Hand to mouthMeaning-live on only basic necessities
Hit the bull’s eyeMeaning-To be exactly right about something or achieve the best result possible.
Let the cat out of the bagMeaning-To reveal the secret carelessly or by mistake
Make a faceMeaning-To show dislike or disappointment through facial expressions
Open Pandora’s BoxMeaning-To find a source of great troubles and problems
It’s Greek to meMeaning-Something that is not understandable
Don’t put all your eggs in one basketMeaning-Do not put all your resources in one basket.
To call a spade a spadeMeaning-To be brutally frank, outspoken, blunt in speech.
To be a Good SamaritanMeaning-To be kind and compassionate to someone in distress
To put in a nutshellMeaning-To say in a few words or to make something concise
To pour oil on troubled waters Meaning-To make peace
to move heaven and earthMeaning-To exert all efforts