Idioms describing feelings and mood

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Question Answer
be on cloud nineextremely pleased/happy
walking on airjoyful, thrilled
keeping her chin uphappy despite bad things
a happy campercontent, in a good mood
look down in the dumpslook depressed /sad
to be in a bad/foul mooda bad frame of mind/temper
not to be yourself (you haven't beed yourself lately)slightly ill or upset
to eat a horsevery hungry
to be feeling dead tired / dead on my feetexhausted
to look a bit "under the weather"not very well/ ill
to be at death's doorvery sick or ill
to be scared stiffvery scared
to be scared/frightened to deathfrightened him a lot
to be shaking in our bootstremble with fear
to frighten/scare someone out of his witsextremely scared
to jump out of one's skingive a big jump
carry awayget excited, lose control
keep a cool headstay calm
make you swell with pridefeel very proud
be on top of the worldextremely happy
to be in the seventh heavento feel/be as pleased as Punch
to feel/be a bit downto be in a snit