Idioms connected with using language

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Question Answer
can't get a word in edgewisecan't get answers from the other person
can't make heads or tails of what he's sayingcan't understand what the person is saying
to talk down on peopletalk as if others are inferior
to talk behind someone's backto say negative things about someone when he's not here
to give someone a talking toscold/warn him
to talk shoptalk about work
to talk through her hatto talk ignorantly; telling lies
to talk someone intopersuade
to talk off the top of his headmake statements without forethought/preperation
to start the ball rollingstart the discussion
to put in in a nutshellsay it in few words
to get to the pointcome to the important part of the matter
to speak one's mindsay exactly what he thinks
to wrap up the discussionto finish the discussion
to make sensesay intelligent, reasonable things
to talk nonsensesay stupid things
to be long-windedsay things in a long, tedious way