Idioms connected with problematic situations

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Question Answer
to be in a fixbe in difficulty
to be in a bindbe in a dilemma or predicament
to be in a (tight) spotbe in a situation that is hard to get out of
to take a back seatnot do anythingl let others act instead
to take the bull by the hornsact positively to face and attack the problem
to stir things updo/say things that make matters worse
to pour oil on troubled watersdo/say things that calm the situation down
to play one's cards to the vesthold back information
to lay one's cards on the tablebe very open, state exactly what your position is
get our act togetherorganize ourselves to respond
to get to the bottom of thingsfind the explanation or reason for the state of affairs
to get people to sit up and take noticemake them pay attention to the situation
to get a grasp of somethingunderstand
the tide has turned against ustroubles are ahead
we can see light at the end of the tunnelhope
a dead endhopeless
the tables are turnedto have advantage
to reach a turning pointto have changes
to be/act like a bull in a china shopbe very clumsy
to talk a load of bulltalk nonsense

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