Idioms connected with appreciation

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Question Answer
to be first rate/top-notchthe very best
to be on the ballto know a lot
to have a way with toerhsgoot at establishing good realations/motivating them
to have a green thumbgood at gardening
to be head and shoulders above the rest/to be cream of the cropthe best or choicest, usually of a group of people
to be miles/light years ahead(to be much more better/improved)can be said of people or things
to be just out of this worldoutstanding/superb (usually said about things)
to put the others to shamesurpasses, is far better
dont be a chick /a scaredy cateasily frightened / cowardly
to be crowing about somethingboasting (bragging)
to be a snake in the grassdevious
to worm your wayaccomplish something dishonestly
to take the cake is the epitome (to be a typical example to a negative quality)
to want to have someone's cake and eat it toowant everything without any conribution from her side
to put someone down /run down or knock / pick apartto criticize