Identify the tunic of the alimentary canal based on the information given below

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Section 1

Question Answer
Usually contains 2 layers of smooth muscleT. muscularis
Visceral peritoneumT. serosa
Myenteric plexus is found here; ANS control of motilityT. muscularis
Important in secretion, absorption, and protection T. mucosa
Where lamina propria is found. T. mucosa
Where muscularis mucosae is found. T. mucosa
Mostly simple columnar epithelial cells T. mucosa

Section 2

Question Answer
Mostly mesothelium.T. serosa
Dense connective tissue loaded with blood vessels, nerves, lymph vessels, and elastic fibersT. submucosa
Tunic that lines lumenT. mucosa
Contains submucosal plexus. T. submucosa
Contains Brunner's glands in small intestineT. submucosa
Contains Peyer's patches in small and large intestinesT. submucosa
Contains oblique smooth muscle in the stomach.T. muscularis