Identify the hormone(s) based on the functions

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In females, causes ovulationLuteinizing hormone
Acts on the skeleton and skeletal muscles to increase massGrowth hormone
Stimulates water reabsorption by kidney tubulesAntidiuretic Hormone
Mimics effects of sympathetic division of Autonomic Nervous SystemEpinephrine (E), Norepinephrine (NE), glucagon
Stimulates thyroid gland to release thyroxineThyroid Stimulating hormone
Stimulates anterior pituitary to release Thyroid Stimulating HormoneThyroid releasing hormone

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Increases tubular reabsorption of Na+ in the kidneysAldosterone
Helps lower Ca++ levels that are too highCalcitonin
Released in response to high blood sugar; helps lower blood glucose levelsInsulin
The pregnancy hormone; helps prepar uterus for implantationProgesterone
Responsible for primary and secondary sexual characteristics in males.Testosterone
18 different kinds known; broad range of activity from reducing gastric secretions to bronchodilationProstaglandins

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Stimulates maturation of follicles in femalesFollicle stimulating hormone
In females. this hormone is secreted the last few days of pregnancy; causes initiation and maintainence of milk productionProlactin
Stimulates anterior pituitary to release Growth hormone.Growth hormone releasing Factor
Inhibits the release of Growth hormone from the adenohypophysisGrowth Hormone Inhibiting Factor
Stimulates powerful contractions of uterus during laborOxytocin
Increases basal metabolic rate of cells.Thyroid hormones, T3 and T4 (triiodothyronine , thyroxine)

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Helps raise Ca++ levels that are too low.Parathyroid hormone
Increases blood sugar levels; increases glycogen formation; increases gluconeogenesis; inhibits healingCortisol
Released in response to low blood sugar; helps raise blood glucose levels.Glucagon
Stimulates adenohypophysis to release Luteninizing HormoneLuteninizing Hormone Releasing Factor
Responsible for primary and secondary sexual characteristics in females; inhibits Follicle Stimulting HormoneEstrogen
Stimulates production of lymphocytes.Thymosin

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May regulate mentrual cycle in females and daily rhythms in both sexesMelatonin
Stimulates adenohypophysis to release Follicle Stimulating HormoneFollicle Stimulating Hormone Releasing Factor