Identify the disorder of the digestive system based on the information given below.

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Question Answer
Discharge of pus at base of tooth or gum linePyorrhea
Inflammation of peritoneal membranes.Peritonitis
Leakage of acid up into lower esophagus.Heartburn
Upper portion of stomach extends up into esophagus; allows backflow of stomach acids that cause heartburn and muscle spasms Hiatal hernia
Caused by build up of plaque at gum line; bacteria invade and destroy bonePeriodontal disease
Crater-like lesion in mucosal membrane of stomachGastric ulcer
Crater-like lesion in mucosal membrane of duodenum. Duodenal ulcer

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Question Answer
Bacteria release enzymes that degrade tooth enamelDental carie
Condition where the skin turns yellow due to bile build-up. Jaundice
Inflammation of the liver due to viruses or bacteria. Hepatitis
Crystals form in gall bladder or bile ductGallstones
Inflammation of the appendix.Appendicitis
Scarred liver tissue due to long periods of inflammation; liver is very fatty.Cirrhosis
Viral infection of the parotid salivary glandsMumps
Failure to produce lactase; results in diarrhea, gas, and cramps. Lactose intolerance