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Active Directory is a database that stores/manages information about network resources and app specific info from directly enabled apps
Active Directory enables admins to organize projects of network (users, computers and devices) into hierarchy of containers called logical structure. each active directory domain holds users, and is organized by organizational units. smallest unit possible which an admi can assign group policy or account permissions. all OUs in an active directory must be unique and cant contain objects from other domains
The top level logical container is the Forest
Organization of all units (component logical structure)are container objects, are used to arrange other objects that support admin purposes and used to delegat authority (group, indiv)
Domain (component logical structure)container objects, is a collection of admin defined objects that share directory database, security policy and trust with other domains. each domain can span multiple locations and can contain millions of objects
Domain Tree (component logical structure)collection of domains grouped into heirarchy, when you add domain to tree it becomes a child of tree root domain, or parent domain. the name of the domain is combined with child, called domain name system
Forest (component logical structure)is a complete instance of active directory. each forest has top level cotainer for that active directory instance. each forest can contain one or more domain containers, all share common logical structure, catalog, directory, configuration and trust relationship
First domain in forest is calledroot domain. forest is synomomous with active directory
Information in active directory is only shared withthe forest and is a security boundary for information that is contained in active directory. highest point in active directory, shares single databased and global address list with security boundary. a user in one forest cannot access another forest
Site objects in a forest are sites, as in leaf and container objects. site container is top object in hierarchy used to managed and implement active directory replication.
Active directory domain serviceis a server role in active directory, which allows admins to manage and store information about resources from network, and app data in distributed database
Active directory domain service handlesnetwork elements (computers and users to reorder them into customized hierarchy)
Active directory domain service handles (terms) admin center, domain and trusts, powershell module (scripting and automation of systems and admin tasks), sites and services, server for netowrk information system, which is a smaller version of DNS
Within forest are domain containers
And within domains are organizational units
First called active directory now active directory domain services
Admins can use domain and forest containers to create authorization for sharing resources in network, information and service center available to users and apps, organizing objects in network (users, computers, resources and app data from apps) in hierarchy
is non-physical hierarchy presented from informtion (for users) in active directory, including domain controller, benefits are: increased security (isolating resources and delegating resources), network mgmt (simplifies configuration, admin of network and managing users and all network resources, resource sharing (across organization from domain and forests), reduced admin costs (reduced load on network and mgmt from active directory)
Logical structure centralizesmgmt of multiple domains and forests
Efficient logical structure from active directory facilitates group policy, desktop lockdowns and integration of services (public key, clustered file system, which can share files on multiple servers, such as DFS like a local file)
Global catalog is repositoryof info in domain tree or forest
Global catalog containsreplica of attributes of object in active directory
Default first domain controller isglobal catalog server
Global catalog determines theDNS of each forest