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Which type of error occurs when a programmer misspells a word or instruction?Syntax
Katherine is creating a computer program that will allow the cursor to jump to a different location when the mouse is clicked on a certain image. Which programming component should Katherine use to tell the program what to do when the mouse is clicked on the image?An event handler
A flowchart provides steps for determining whether a number is even or odd. Which statement should be inserted in the empty rectangle to correctly determine the solution?Divide the number by 2
Which statement is true about objects?Objects created using the same class must contain the same properties; however, the properties may contain different values.
Which program translates a number of program instructions, waits for the computer to execute them, and then translates the next series, until the program is fully executed?Interpreter
To focus on the logic and make refinements to a program before translating it into a programming language, a programmer often creates an outline of the program’s algorithm. What is the term for this type of outline?Pseudocode

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