ICT infrastructures

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To secure the message integrity, which key the sender is using to encrypt the message digest?The sender's private key
In which case, the certificate is NOT set in to the revocation list? An external party finds out the public key
The message is encrypted with the recipient's public key. You can decrypt the message by using?The recipient's private key
Which of the security sub-areas (confidentiality, integrity, availability) is traditionally protected by duplicating systems?Availability
Maija sends a message to Matti so that Matti can be sure that the sender is Maija. How Maija does encrypt the message?Maija encrypts the message digest (calculated from her message) using her own private key
What is NOT secured by using public key cryptography?The information contents availability
The message is encrypted with the sender's private key. What's key is used when the message is decrypted?The sender's public key
Which cryptography method is slower?Public key cryptography method
The public-key cryptography (method) is also known as...Asymmetric cryptography (method)
The key management is a problem with .... ?Symmetric cryptography method
Maija sends a message to Matti so that the message confidentiality is maintained. How does Maija encrypt the message...?using Matti's public key
Your server is cracked and a hacker finds a password file that contains passwords hash values and salt values. How can hacker find out the actual passwords?The brute force method is the most effective method to decrypt salted password hash values
When you want to verify the sender of the message, then message sender performs the encryption by using...?The sender's private key
The message is encrypted with a symmetric key. The encrypted message is opened by using?the same symmetric key, by which it is encrypted
How many ports are in a typical switch?24 or 48
Private IP address range10.0.0.0 -, -, -
What is the most commonly used local area network cable type?unshielded twisted pair
What type of network is operating in a limited area, and typically the control of one party network?LAN
When is UDP better than TCPWhen used with real time applications such as online games or live video. UDP is better also for multicast and broadcast.
NAT address translation isIP address conversion between the private IP address and public IP address
Which types of networks are the so called generic types?WAN and LAN
virtualization in this context meansthat eg. hardware resources are divided into multiple logical resources
VM, Virtual Machine, it is ...operating system using the resources of the host computer
Workstation virtualization ..removes the need to update the environment
What is the right mount point for file system in fresh Linux installation?/
Which of the followings are functionalities of OS’s kernel? (choose two)Process and memory management
In multitasking..multiple processes can run in a single processor.
Recommended swap space is3 - 16 GB
memory iswork space
CPU..runs programs
disk drive / hard drive isstorage
Bus is for data and control signals
Boot sequence:1. POST 2. BIOS Bootloader 3. MBR 4. Boot sector 5. Winload.exe
FAT162 GB limit
FAT32Used for larger memory sticks
NTFSNative filesystem for Windows
Ext4Linux filesystem
UFSUsed in DVDs
HyperthreadingSome parts of CPU are doubled
MulticoreMultiple CPUs in same package
Cache increases..speed
32bit CPU can handle..up to 4Gb memory
Pagefile contains.. less used data from memory
Virtual memory isMemory space of an application
DDR3 istechnology used in memory modules
DIMM..Defines dimensions of a memory module
Motherboard..Contains most of the main parts of a computer
PCIe is..Fast expansion slot
CPU is installed in..socket
North bridge is..high speed part of a chipset
RAID1..improves reliability
RAID3.. old and seldom used
RAID5..needs more than 2 disks, improves reliability
RAID0..improves speed
How many primary partitions can there be?1-4
Windows sees partitions as..separate hard disks
S-ATA cable compared to P-ATAS-ATA is narrower and faster than P-ATA
Hard disk tracks are..circular and divided in to sections
BIOS comes with..the motherboard
ATX defines..dimensions of a motherboard
CD and DVD track is..a single spiral formed track
SSD disk..Solid state drive, faster than hard disks but has same interface
UEFI can....emulate BIOS and use secure boot
Sector size in a hard disk is normally512
BIOS setup..can be used to change some hardware settings. To run SETUP the user must press a key while booting.
Risk level =seriousness * likelihood
Security key concepts are:Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity
What are the two types of risk analysis methods?Qualitative and Quantative