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Mr and Mrs Geen have decided to set up a home network for themselves and their two teenage children,Josh and Ben. State 2 benefits to the family of setting up a home network.1) Backing up data to another computer 2) Sharing files on each other's computers 3) Sharing a printer 4) Sharing an Internet connection.
To set up the network they have bought this item of hardware. /_/ State the name of this item of hardware.Router
Mr and Mrs Geen have decided that the family will use wireless connections. State 2 advantages of a wireless network over a wired one.1) They do not have to run cables all over the house 2) they do not have to install plug/access points in all of the rooms 3) they can connect anywhere in the house 4) they can move from room to room with a device and remain connected
Mr Green tries to access his Wi-Fi and notices he has no signal. Explain one cause of signal loss on Wi-Fi1) if they are too far away from the router they will not get a wireless signal 2) if there are other electical devices nearby they may get interference 3) if there is an obstruction/wall/and so on this may block the signal
Josh and Ben decide to stream a HD film and connect the PC via Ethernet. Explain why they connect the Ethernet cable to view this film.The film they want to watch is HD which means they will need more bandwidth toview it. A cable connection offers much higher bandwidth than a Wi-Fi connection
The Green family are now using thier home network for chid porn. Mr Green checks the wireless etwork and notices that a device that i not in the house is connected. Explain how this other device could have connected to thier wireless network. THE NETWORK IS UNSECURED WHICH MEANS THAT..which means that it is viewable by anyone and therefore any device can connect to thier wireless signal
State what Mr Green could do to prevent people discovering the name of his network.1) he could disable Service Set Identifier (SSID) broadcasting 2) the router broadcasts the name of the network at regular intervals. This could be turned off so computers are not aware of it.
Explain how Mr Green could use MAC address filtering to prevent computers, other than those belonging to the family, from being able to connect to the network.find out MAC address of each device on his network and only allow those devices onto the wireless network
Mr Green turns on WPA. Explain what WPA is a form ofA form of encryption
Explain how cum will increase the security of the network.WPA encrypts or scrambles messages sent over the network so that they cannot be read by anyone who does not have the encryption key
Decribe how Ryan could share his phone's mobile broadband connection with Michael's tablet without using cables1) Ryan could set up his phone as a router/hotspot and ue Wi-Fi 2) Ryan could pair/connect/link the devices using Wi-Fi
State how Ryan could prevent other devices from sharing his connection1) Set an access key/password/PIN 2) Block unkown devices (IP/MAC filtering) 3) Make sure device is not within range of other devices 4) turn Wi-Fi off 5) Hide SSID
Yusuf is the best teacher! He is also a great tennis player.As more devices use the connection, the available bandwidth is reduced/less/divided

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