Ict 1-8 (study 910)

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What enables a programmer to determine the order in which instructions are executed, as well as the number of times (or even if) an instruction is executed? Control structures
Horatio is interested in computer programming languages, but he has very little experience in using them. Which type of programming language should he explore because it is easier to learn, use, read and modify? High-level
Which term is also used to describe the loop control structure? Iteration
Which of the following is used to store data in the computer’s memory that the computer can access and use when running a program? Variable
Which term describes the testing method used by programmers to work through program code by hand using a pencil and paper? Desk checking
Binary is based on which number system? Base 2
What is the term for a graphical diagram that uses symbols to represent the steps contained in a program? Flow chart
Which term is also used to describe the selection control structure? Decision

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