ICE IT Project Management - Bronze

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Question Answer
Number of ICE phases3 - scope & seek, solve, and sustain
Purpose of Scope and Seek phaseConfirm that we are solving the right problem and possibly save valuable resources through the phase review
Purpose of Solve phaseIdentify user requirements and create a quality solution
Purpose of Sustain phaseConfirm the project delivered a quality solution
What is ICEThe standard Novartis IT project management methodology
Three benefits of the ICE paradigm shiftMove from IT systems to business process, from system requirements to customer needs, and from general business objectives/benefits to metrics-driven results
Benefit of deliverable - project prioritization process and toolsAlignment of IT projects with business strategy
Benefit of deliverable - pre-populated ICE templates and standardized processesRealize value for business with a little admin overhead as possible
Benefit of deliverable - integration of computer system validation deliverables & processes in methodologyHigher compliance, improved cost transparency about validation costs
Benefit of deliverable - user interface to deliver templates and processesSimple tool to deliver "How To" guides and templates to business and IT users
How is ICE adapted to NVS division needsIntegration of specific deliverables & templates are possible
How is ICE scalablePossible through different ICE roadmaps with varying deliverables based on: project size, scenario, GxP validation criticality, and other compliance like SOX, ISEC, HSE and Legal
Who has the final decision on which templates to useProject Manager
How does ICE offer project specific adaptationAll templates represent baseline and best practices and can be adapted to fit the project specific needs
What is CSVComputer System Validation
Maximum number of mandatory GxP deliverables12
What deliverable acts as an initial risk assessmentHLRA