ICCM Midterm

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The text states that what the life blood of every relationship is:Communication
What of the following is the best description of a specific behavior description? When you don’t arrive for meetings on time at least 3 times a week.
What is the final step in the collaborative problem solving method?Evaluating the problem-solving process and, at a later date, how well the solution turned out.
When confronted with someone else’s need that conflicts with their own need, many people do what, meaning that they give in, often without a struggle. This can leave many to go through life without their own needs met.Capitulate
Ineffective communication, loneliness, family problems, vocational incompetence, and dissatisfaction, and psychological stress are all aspects of what concept?Interpersonal Gap
Bolton believes that vital relationships involve both listening and this other essential interpersonal skill? Assertion
Which cluster of listening skills is defined as giving your physical attention to another person? Attending Skills
Which of the following is not considered a step in handling the push-push back phenomenon? Defend your perspective

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When an individual displays differences between words and body language, which do you pay attention to? Both
A useful and common way of defining assertion is to place it on a continuum between which two behavior types. Submissive and aggressive.
During the preparation step of assertions, which question should you ask yourself in regard to your assertion?All Three (Am I being Intrusive? Is this a persistent concern? Am I likely to get my needs met?)
In regards to barriers of communication, trying to stop the other person from feeling the negative emotions they are experiencing is known as what? Reassuring
Bolton claims that 80% of people fail at work do so for what reason? They do not relate well with others.
Practicing this attending skill involves turning off music, removing a desk from between them and yourself is practicing which attending skill? Non-distracting environment
A Parent telling their kid "Wash the dishes", "Because I said so". Ordering.
How do you deal with someone engaging in push back in the push-push back phenomenon?Treat the other person with respect.

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When a counselor asks, why do you think this problem keeps happening to you they are displaying which helping skill? Open Question
What is not a cluster of communication barriers? Selfish Desires
Only observable aspect of communication? How the speaker chose to send the communication.
Because they are not observable, a person's ______ and _______ must be inferred through their behaviors.Thoughts, Feelings
First goal of conflict management is:Deal Constructively with the emotions
Famous psychologist Carl Rogers believes that the major barrier to interpersonal communication lies where?Natural tendency to judge.
Which of the following is not a good question for you to learn from conflicts?All of the above.
In the typical decoding process of interpersonal communication, which is the only aspect that the listener is responsible for.How the message was received.

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What is step 3 in the conflict-resolution prevention method presented by Bolton?State your own views, needs, and feelings.
According to Bolton, what are high-risk responses that are frequently, but not inevitably negative. Roadblocks, or communication barriers.
Why is it important to have small talk before assertion?It is not important.
What is the first step in the collaborative problem solving method?Define the problem in terms of needs, not solutions.
Of the following, which is considered an appropriate following skill.Minimal Encourages
Which of the following is not a dysfunctional way of relating, that is typically learned during childhood, according to Gerald Eagan? How to Downplay the value of Promises
Which of the following is not one of the ways we look at body language?Stuttering
Which of the following is not considered an appropriate posture of involvement? Touching your chin

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Which of the following is important to communicating a non-judgmental description of behavior, within the three-part assertion message? Both important (Brief as possible, use specific not fuzzy terms)
According to Bolton, it may be possible that the other person has a difficult time expressing their feelings or opinions during conflict, one should offer an _____ for him or her to talk about his or her beliefs or feelings and assure them of ______ once they have spoken.Invitation, Protection
Which of the following practices is not considered an aspect of reflective feelings? Suggesting Emotions
Which of the following is not a primary pay-off for individuals who exhibit aggressive behavior as described by Bolton? They are able to obtain and maintain a romantic relationships in their lives.
Which of the following is not something to keep in mind when focusing on a solution after you have asserted yourself?Make sure the individual is happy with the solution.

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