ICCM Final

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Section 1

Question Answer
This aspect of the 3 part assertion message is an opportunity for the assertor to communicate the perceptible result of the listener's words or actions.Clarification of the tangible effect.
Bolton says that 80% of people fail at work for what reason?They do not relate well with others.
Which cluster of listening skills is defined as giving your physical attention to another person?Attending skills
When confronting by someone else’s need that conflict with their own needs, many people do what? (they give in)Submit
Which type of conflict responder is described as someone who thinks all conflict is wrong? (Deceptive)Evasive
Which of the following is not a good question to ask that help you learn from conflict?None of the above
Which of these descriptions is not used by Van Yperen to describe the church?Opportunity for people to worship God how they think they should.
Of the 3 descriptions of sin, which of the following does Van Yperen identify as one that speaks to character, pride, corrupted judgment, self-centeredness... etc.Ethic
Ineffective communication, loneliness, family problems, vocational incompetence and dissatisfaction are all aspects of what concept? Interpersonal Gap

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Question Answer
In listening, what is considered a concise response to the listener? Paraphrasing
What is the final step in the collaborative problem solving method?Evaluate the problem solving process.
According to Van Yperen, which of the following a root cause of conflict in our churches? All of the above
What is the first step in the collaborative problem solving method? Define the problem in terms of needs, not solutions
Identify one of the 3 types of conflict presented by Bolton?Conflict of Values, Conflict of Needs, Conflict of Emotions.
Which of the following is not a component of communication in the 3 part assertion message?Cause
This type of conflict responder believes all conflict is about power?Aggressive
Useful and common way of defining assertion is complacent on a continuum of which two type? Aggressive and Passive
According to Van Yperen, it is best to perceive reconciliation as which of the following? A constant pursuit of holiness.

Section 3

Question Answer
Which of the following is not considered an appropriate posture of involvement?Touching your chin.
Securing the personal needs and the objects they desire, tending to protect themselves in their own space, and retaining considerable control over their own lives and the lives of others, are all primary payoffs of individuals exhibiting what type of behavior?Aggressive
Name one the clusters of communication barriers?Judging, Sending Solutions, and Avoiding the Other’s Concerns.
Which of the following is not a dysfunctional way of relating, that is typically learned during childhood, according to Gerald Eagan?How to Downplay the value of Promises
Because they are not observable, a person's ______ and _____ must be inferred through their behaviors.Thoughts, Feelings
Van Yperen provided 5 biblical truths about conflict, which of the following is not one of them?Conflict is Avoidable
Van Yperen claims that a spirit formed community is formed by what?Life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ

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