Icarus's Flight

gahayawo's version from 2016-10-10 09:20


What else could the boy have done? Wasn’t
flight both an escape and a great uplifting?
And so he flew. But how could he appreciate
his freedom without knowing the exact point


where freedom stopped? So he flew upward
and the sun dissolved the wax and he fell.
But at last in his anticipated plummeting
he grasped the confines of what had been


his liberty. You say he flew too far?
He flew just far enough. He flew precisely
to the point of wisdom. Would it
have been better to flatter ignorantly


from petal to petal within some garden
forever? As a result, flight for him was not
upward escape, but descent, with his wings
disintegrating around him. Should it matter


that neither shepherd nor farmer with his plow
watched him fall? He now had his answer,
laws to uphold him in his downward plunge.
Cushion enough for what he wanted.