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Question Answer
methylcellulosebulk forming laxative
psylliumbulk forming lax
docusatestool softerner
magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia) osmotic lax
lactuloseosmotic lax
sodium phosphateosmotic lax
polyethylene glycol (PEG) osmotic lax
bisacodylstimulant laX
lubiprostonecl channel activator lax
linaclotidecl channel activator lax
methylnaltrexoneopioid antagonist lax
dicyclomineantispasmadic (anticholinergic)
alosetronserotonin 5-HT3-receptor antagonist
ampitriptylineanti depressant TCA
desipramineanti depressant TCA
imipramineantidepressant TCA
nortipylineantidepressant TCA

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Question Answer
MOA of methylcellulose/psylliumindigestible colloids that absorb water > form bulk > distend colon > promote peristalsis
MOA of docusatesoften stool by decreasing surface tension > increase water and lipid penetration
MOA of magnesium hydroxide/ lactulose/ sodium phosphate/ PEGsoluble but nonabsorbable compounds > increase stool liquidity
MOA of bisacodylpoorly understood mech
MOA of lubiprostonestimulates type 2 CL channel in small intestine > increase CL secretion > shortens intestinal transit time
MOA of linaclotideactivates guanylyl cyclase C > increase cGMP > activates CFTR > increase CL secretion and intestinal transit
MOA of methylnaltrezoneinhibit peripheral u-opioid receptors, does not cross BB
MOA of loperamideinhib presynap cholinergic nerves in plexuses > increase colon transit time and fecal water absorp
MOA of dicyclomine/hyoscyamineinhibit muscarinic cholinergic receptors in enteric plexus and SM
MOA of alosetroninhibit 5-HT3 receptors = decrease afferent sensation (nausea, bloat, pain, inhib colonic motility)
MOA of amitripytyine/desipramine/imipramine/nortipylineanalgesic properties; anticholinergic effect slows intestinal transit time

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