IBD Infusion

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black dotNo show for appt
1315 (Yellow Dot)Arrived
1315 (Green Dot)In a Room
1305 (Yellow Dot)In a Room
1305 (Green Dot)Arrived
White DotInfusion
When Removing Catheter From VeinApply Pressure with Gauze as pulling out catheter/Ask Pt to "Apply Pressure"
As Pt is Applying Pressure Once Cath is RemovedThrow it Catheter/IV Bag in Red Bin & Place Band Aid
Taking Vitals w/ DC IVDoes not matter if I grab vitals (Temp/BP) b4 or after Remving IV
Hydration30 mins (But we can run it for 25 mins)
EntyvioAdd 4.8 (Dash just below 5ml marker on syringe) of Sterile Water
Remicade10ml of NS from bag (don't remove lids of Remicade vials until MD says Pt is ready for IV!)
250 Saline BagRemicade
500 Saline BagEntyvio
Always give Pre-Meds FirstBenadryl/ Solu-Cortef
New Meds ArriveCk Packing slip for Lot#/Exp Date/ Put packing slip to side for folder. Count slips and Meds make sure it reconciles
1305 locationpillows are Chuck pads are prepped in advance for next IV
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