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IATA - M4 - SSR codes

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Four-letter Special Service Request (SSR) codes to be put in a passenger's PNR field, as stated in the IATA book, edition 5.12

Section 1

Question Answer
AVIHAnimal travelling in the hold
BIKEBike carried as accompanied baggage
BSCTBaby bassinet/skycot/basket
BULKBulky baggage
BLNDBlind Passenger
CBBGCabin Baggage (for which extra seating has been purchased)
CCARCompact car
DBLBDouble room with bath

Section 2

Question Answer
CTCAPasenger home or hotel addres
CTCBPassenger business telephone number
CTCEPassenger email address
CTCFPassenger fax number
CTCHPassenger home telephone number
CTCMPassenger mobile telephone number
CTCPPassenger telephone number (type unknown)
CTCTTravel Agency telephone number

Section 3

Question Answer
DEAFDeaf passenger
DEPADeportee accompanied by an escort
DEPUUnaccompanied deportee
DPNADisabled passenger with intellectual or developmental disabilities
EXSTExtra seat required on board
FQTVFrequent traveller information
FRAGFragile baggage

Section 4

Question Answer
GPSTGroup seat request
INFTInfant travelling
LANGLanguage spoken by passenger
MAASMeet and assist
MEDAMedical case
NSSANo-smoking aisle seat request
NSSWNo-smoking window seat request
OTHSRelated information without an already excisting SSR Code

Section 5

Question Answer
OXYGPassenger requires oxygen (to be used with MEDA)
PETCPassenger travelling with a pet in cabin
RQSTSpecific seat request
SMSASmoking aisle seat
SMSWSmoking window seat
SPEQSports equipment
STCRStretcher passenger
TWOVPassenger in transit without a visa

Section 6

Question Answer
UMNRUnaccompanied minor
WCBDDry-cell battery wheelchair to be transported by a passenger
WCBWWet-cell battery wheelchair to be transported by a passenger
WCHSWheelchair required (passenger can't climb up/down stairs)
WCHCWheelchair in cabinS
WCHRWheelchair for ramp (to cross distances)
XBAGExcess baggage

Meal requests 1

Question Answer
AVMLAsian vegetarian meal
BBMLBaby meal
BLMLBland meal
CHMLChild meal
DBMLDiabetic meal
FPMLFruit platter meal
GFMLGluten free meal
HNMLHindu meal

Meal requests 2

Question Answer
KSMLKosher meal
LCMLLow calorie meal
LFMLLow fat meal
LSMLLow salt meal
NLMLLow lactose meal
SPMLSpecial meal (specify type of food)
VGMLVegetarian vegan meal
VJMLVegetarian jain meal