IADL memorize

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Question Answer
supervisionno physical assistance is required
aota definition of care of othersarrange, supervise, or provide care of others
AOTA definition of child rearingprovide care/supervision to support developmental needs of child
diaper bags zipper or velcrovelcro
how many injuries from pets82k
use equipment to send and recieve infocommunication device
additional compensatory intervention for health managemtn and mainteninceportable health records and medications lists
Levels of meal prepsimple cold, multi task cold, simple task hot, multi task hot
simple task coldbottled drink, yogurt, granola, puddings
multi task coldsandwhich, ceral/milk, lettuce, fruit salad, smoothie
simple hot taskstove top, microwave, toaster, toaster oven, coffee maker
multi task hotstove top, cockpot, oven (lasanga, spaghetti, soup, etc)
remove throw rugs
use a ___ mat instead of in front of the sinktextured not slip mat
transportation as passengereducate caregiver whos providing assistance #1!!!
what can be reimbursable after injurycommunity reintegration
Screening for mobilityacuity, visual motor, periphreal, and depth perception
measures for mobilityreaction time, muscle tone, coordination, sitting balance
who refers to who?gerneralist refer to specialist
behind the wheel and recommend equipmentspecialist
home assessment reasonsdischarge, adaption, how they are in real life, safety issues
what is a rocker knife used forone handed use