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More than 82 percent of worldwide Internet users do not speak English as their first language. One indicator that non-English-speaking audiences may feel left out was when a large number of ________ joined the social-networking site Orkut.Brazilians
_______________ allow us to receive vast amounts of verbal and visual information from a variety of global sources that increase our knowledge as they broaden our cultural horizons.Broadband connections
Video games--whose content is often borrowed freely from movies, television shows, and other areas of popular culture--demonstrate convergence in action. In return, some popular games have spawned movies. Video-game enthusiasts call this phenomenon ___________. cross-fertilization
A crucial element for online communication to reach its full potential as a mass medium is which of the following features?Bandwidth
What Web browser, launched in 2008, is free and open-source, controls almost 20 percent of the worldwide browser market, and is second only to Internet Explorer? Firefox
Today, except for the odd hit such as Minecraft from the independent developer ___________, most games come from subsidiaries of global media companies.Mojang
Among the most common signs of video-game addiction is which of the following behaviors?Neglect of family and friends
Serious games, which entertain while also educating users about history and politics, are also known as _______.applied games
To date __________has not been a major issue on the Internet, largely because Internet users tend to be well educated.language
Although computer makers originally borrowed from television in creating monitors, television has returned the favor in borrowing from the online world of screen windows, scrolling text or tickers, and the presentation of multiple items on various topics on a single screen. This can be seen especially in _____________.newscasts
In World of Warcraft, players create characters and go online to participate in quests or missions. They work with other players in real time using _________.chats and text messaging
In 2001, Microsoft released __________, its first ________. Nintendo later released the GameCube.the Xbox; video-game console
Microsoft Studio's biggest-selling game, called ____________, made $220 million in sales on its opening day in 2012 alone.Halo 4
Which of the following features are added capabilities for the latest generation of consoles, such as Xbox One, PSA4, and WiiU?Voice commands and face recognition
In 2009, social games like Farmville and mobile games like Angry Birds became so popular that they paved the way for gamers to move to what devices?Social-networking sites and smartphones

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