Hypothalamus - Homeostasis + Lesions

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Section 1

Question Answer
Lateral AreaHunger. Inhibited by leptin. "The pedal!"
Ventromedial areaSatiety. Stimulated by leptin. "The breaks!"
LeptinAnorexigenic hormone made by adipose cells: inhibits hunger. ["foot on the pedal or the breaks"]
- Decreases Neuropeptide Y
- Increases POMC
Anterior hypothalamusCooling, parasymptathetics.
Posterior hypothalamusHeating, sympathetics
Suprachiasmatic nucleusCircadian rhythm. "Master clock"
Preoptic nucleusReleases GnRH
Supraoptic nucleusProduces ADH
Paraventricular nucleusProduces Oxytocin. (Also CRH and TRH)
Arcuate nucleusReleases dopamine, Releases PULSATILE GnR
Regulates appetite: Neuropeptide Y increases appetite, POMC+alpha-MSH decrease appetite
Dorsomedial nucleusAlso regulates hunger; Damage = obesity + 'savage' behavior
Mammillary bodiesMemory
Neuropeptide YPro-feeding hormone from the arcuate nucleus.
Inhibited by Leptin
POMCCleaved into alpha-MSH, Anorexigenic hormone from the arcute nucleus.
Stimulated by Leptin

Section 2

Question Answer
Anorexia, failure to thrive (infants)Lesion of lateral area
Hyperphagia, 'savage' behaviorLesion of ventromedial area OR stimulation of dorsomedial nucleus
HyperthermiaLesion of Anterior hypothalamus
HypothermiaLesion of Posterior hypothalamus
Central DISupraoptic nucleus
Wernicke-KorsakoffMammillary bodies
Obseity/hyperphagiaDefective Leptin gene/receptor