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Question Answer
<150/90 60 or older
<140/9018 years and older.....CKD...diabetes
monitoringcome back every month until blood pressure under control. at this point can increase dose or add on another drug
diagnosis2 consecutive elevated BP readings 1 or 2 weeks apart at least
weight reductionany weight reduction
Dietreduced saturated fat and total fat
sodiumdecrease to no more than 2400mg day
exercise3-4 sessions 40 mins at least brisk
alcoholmoderate-no more than 2 day male or 1 woman.....12 oz beer or 6 oz wine
non black pop start withthiazide, CCB, ACEI, or ARB
black popthiazide or CCB
CKDinitial or add on ACEI or ARB to improve kidney outcomes

Section 2

Question Answer
lots gout attacks no use thiazide
hyponatremia no usethiazide
BPH,urinary incontinence no use, anuriathiazide
thiazide may not be beneficial crcl under30
counseling thiazide take in morning
monitoring thiazidescr and potassium (can cause hypokalemia)
hctz dose range12.5 to 50 once daily HCTZ
ACEI/ARB scr rise okay?up to 30% okay
no use in pregnancy or likely to become pregnant-not safe first triACEI and ARB
angioedema related to previous ACEI no use anotherACEI
ACEI/ARB monitoringcreatinine and potassium
using nsaids be careful of usingARB/ACEI
counseling ACEI/ARBrare side effect cough -dry hacking cough not harmful....reversible...tell doc if no other known cause
ACEI dose`lisinopril 10-40 once daily
ARB dose50 once daily losartan
beta blocker can mask what symptomshypoglycemia....sweating no reason= signs still would be able see
avoid in 2nd or 3rd degree heart blockbeta blockers
asthmatics beta blocker doseless than half max dose
beta blocker counselingrise slowly, may make more tired than usualy first couple weeks but go away
b blocker dose25-100 once dialy antenolol
beta blocker monitorHR
calcium blockers counselingedema common feet/swelling ankles
calcium blockers monitoringweight and HR
potassium more than 5 while not taking other meds no givespironolactone
crcl under 10 no givespironolactone
spironolactone counselingtake after meals and in morning. gynecomastia breast tissue up kind of common...reversible though.
spironolacton dose25-50 once to twice dialy
can help BPHalpha blocker -terazosin 1mg daily
clonidine for HTN needs to be given at least2 times a day
pregnancymethyldopa but also will see CCB or diuretic occass beta blocker