Hypertension in pregnancy + Preeclampsia

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Question Answer
Drugs used to treat HTN in pregnancyMethyldopa (p.o), Labetalol (i.v), Metoprolol, Ca - channel blockers
Drugs contraindicated: Tx of HTN in pregnancyACE - I and ARBS
Diagnosis of HTN in pregnancy2 elevated BP measurements >140/90 at least 6hours apart
Definition of preeclampsiaHEP - new onset HYPERTENSION (>140/90) in 3rd trimester (which normalizes up to 12 weeks after delivery + PROTEINURIA (>300mg/d) after 2weeks of gestation + EDEMA (OR woman with prev HTN, SBP ≥30 or DBP ≥ 15 + proteinuria)
Severe preeclampsia criteriaat least 1 of SBP ≥160 or DBP ≥110 OR if not proteinuria: thrombocytopenia <100000/ml,kidney failure, liver damage, pul. edema, neurological or visual disturbances
HELLPHemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes, Low platelets
TX- mild Preeclampsia Bedrest, monitor BP and renal failure
Definitive Tx - eclampsiaDeliver fetus and placenta
tx of severe preeclampsia (23-32weeks)I.v Labetalol or hydralazine + GKS, Magnesium sulphate (anticonvulsant)
prevention of preeclampsia in high risk ptsAspirin 60-80mg/d from end of 1st trimester