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Question Answer
When are fenofibrates CIGallbladder disease, severe liver disease
Niacin formulation for highest risk of liver damageSlo-niacin
Niaspan admin instructionswith snack before bedtime
Niacor admin instructionswith dinner or at higher doses split into 2-3 times
Simvastatin + zetiaVytorin
Statins that can be taken any time of dayLipitor, crestor, pravachol, Livalo, Lescol
Niacin SEHyperglycemia, hyperuricemia, flushing, hypotension, pruritis, N/V/D
Lovastatin with verapamilmax dose of 20mg for lovastatin
Lovastatin and zocor interactionsBiaxin, VFEND, Lopid
Classes requiring liver monitoringStatins, fenofibrates, niacins
Statin SEMemory loss, DM, myopathy
Epanovafish oils
Statins and LFTsstop once 3x ULN
How soon to check lipid panel after titration up4-12 weeks
Least potent statinFluvastatin
Lomitapide pearlsPg Cat X, boxed warning for hepatotoxicty, for familial hypercholesterolemia
Contraindicated with hx of gallstonesFibrates
Statin potency (high to low)Crestor, lipitor, zocor, mevacor, lescol