Hunter safety

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what are the four basic rules of firearm safety using TAB-KT- Treat every firearm as if it is loaded A-Always point the muzzle in a safe direction B-Be certain of your target and whats beyond, K-Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot
What are 3 basic parts of a bolt action gunaction, stock, barrel
what does the action doHeart of the firearm. Moving parts that load, fire ,and eject shells or cartridges
What are the 6 firearm carries?cradle carry, sling carry, trail carry, elbow or side carry, shoulder carry, two handed or ready carry.
what would you do if your approached by another person while carrying a firearm in the field?
What would you do if you were approached by a law enforcement officer?
How do you safely climb into a tree stand with a firearm or bow?use a haul line, unload firearm before attaching it to the sling with muzzle pointed down, put arrows in a covered quiver secured to the bow, slip end of haul line through your belt, leave it untied incase you fall. Put on FAS secure yourself to the tree, and climb. After you are secured haul up your hunting gear and untie haul line
How do you use the safety?
what would you do if you were hunting with an unsafe person?share your knowledge and skill, follow safe firearm handling practices and insist your companions do the same
To load or unload a firearm safely you should alwaysput the safety on and point the muzzle in a safe direction
what is carrying capacitynumber of animals the habitat can support all year long
Factors that limit potential production of wildlifedisease, starvation hunting, old age, accidents, pollution, predators
why is it important to to keep shotsells seperated by sizea smaller gauge shotshell can slip past the chamber of a larger gauge gun and result in a serious personal injury
you should use only ammunition that exactly matches the caliber or gauge specifications marked on the ------ of your firearmbarrel
The component in ammunition that ignites the gunpowder when struck by the firing pin is the primer
six types of firearm actionsbolt, lever, pump, semiautomatic, break, rovolving
Good markmenship ishitting your target accurately and consistently
which shotgun shooting technique is best for a beginning hunter and is performed by pointing at a moving target and then moving past it and firing?swing through
A common error when hunting birds with a shotgun islowering the head and cheek to the stock of the shot gun
How many charges should you load in a muzzleloader at atimeone charge
If three hunters are waling in single file it is acceptable for the hunter in the middle to use cradle carry
what is an unsafe way to trasnport a gunloaded and n a gun rack in the rear window
what should be worn at all times while climbing a treesafety harness
5 primary requirements for survivalprepare a shelter, start a fire, signal for help, drink water, find food
a habitat for wildlife must includespace, arrangement, food, cover, water
four primary rules of firearm safetypoint the muzzle in a safe direction, treat ever firearm like its loaded, be sure to target and what is in front of it and beyond it keep your finger outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot
Four main causes of hunting incidentshunter judgement mistakes, safety rule violation, lack of control and practice, mechanical failure

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