Humerus, Finger joints, and Elbow Anatomy

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EpicondylesMedial and Lateral (Extended on end) Medial is bigger
True lateral elbow has superimposed what?Epicondyles
When the arm is extended it?olecranon process is in fossa
When the arm is flexed it?coronoid process in fossa and radial fossa on distal humerus
What is a fossa?hole
A Lateral shows what?3 Arcs and fat pads
Fats pads show trauma when?Dislocation

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All finger joints are?Synovial and diarthrodial
Kind of joint for IP jt?Ginglymus/ Hinge
Kind of jt for MCP jt?Ellipsoidal/ Condyloid
1st CMC jt kind?Sellar/ Saddle (thumb)
2nd- 5th CMC jt kind?Plane/ Gliding
Intercarpal jt kind? Plane/ Gliding
Radiocarpal jt kind?Ellipsoidal/ Condyloid
What is in the radiocarpal jt?Radius, Scaphoid, Lunate, and Triquetrum

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2 Wrist LigamentsUlnar collateral ligament and Radial collateral ligament
The elbow jt is what?Synovial, Diarthrodial, and Ginglymus/ Hinge
What are the 3 elbow jts?Humerus/ ulna, Humerus/ radius, and Proximal radioulnar (trochodial pivot)

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Forearms are always done AP OR PAAP
AP Elbowproximal radius super- imposed slighty by ulna
AP Lateral rotation ElbowSeparated radius and ulna (thumb down pinky up)
AP Lateral rotation Elbow is best for?Radial head, neck and tuberosity (Capitulum)
AP Medial rotation ElbowSuperimposed radius and ulna
AP Medial rotation Elbow showscoronoid process and trochlea (olecranon inside fossa)
Scaphoid Fat PadFat pad changed= trauma
Elbow fat pads areAnterior, posterior, and supinator