Human Sex Ch.10

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Puberty• the time in life when an individual first shows sexual attration and become capable of reproduction
• Secondary sex characteristicsbodily changes the occur during puberty and differentiate men and women
• Menarchethe term for a girls first menstrual period
• Nocturnal emissionan ejaculation that occurs during sleep in teenaged boys and men, a “wet dream”
• Gynecomastiaexcessive development of the male breasts
• Precocious pubertya condition in which puberty begins before the age of 8 in girls and 9 in boys
• Delayed pubertya condition in which the appearance of secondary sex characteristics and physical growth do not begin until well after they have begun in most children
• Adolescencethe time of life between puberty and adulthood
• Pettingnon-coital sexual contact below the waist
• Neckingerotic physical contact above the waist (kissing, touching breasts)
• Peer pressureexpectations by one’s peer group about how one is supposed to behave
• Emerging adulthooda development stage of life; an extended period of being single adult that occurs between adolescence and young adulthood
• Hooking upnon- relationship sex without any commitment
• Serial monogamythe practice of having a series of monogamous sexual relationships
• Open marriagea marital relationship in which the couple agrees that it is permissible to have sexual relations outside of the marriage
• Swinginga type of open marriage relationship in which a couple has extramarital relations together with other couples
• Menopausethe term for a womans last menstrual period
• Climactericthe changes that occur in women in the few years that precede and the first year that follows menopause
• Sexual learningknowledge about sex that is received (usually informally) from family, friends, the media, and society in general
• Askablebeing perceived as receptive, a good listener, and accepting
• Acceptingletting your child know tht all questions are okay and will not be met with a negative attitude
• Global moralities :values that are supposed to apply to all people under all circumstances
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• Situational ethicsvalues or ethics that emphasize the proper thing to do in particular situations
• Cohabitationcouples who live together
• Hot flashessudden sensation of intense heat that spreads over the upper body, face, and head