Human Sex Ch.1

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Question Answer
Sexuality• all of the sexual attitudes, feelings, and behaviors associated with being human. The term does not refer specifically to a persons capacity for erotic response or to sexual acts, but rather to a dimension of one’s personality
• Missionary positiona face to face position of sexual intercourse in which the woman les on her back and then man lies on top with his legs between hers. It was called this because Christian missionaries instructed people that other positions were unnatural
• Ethnocentricthe attitude that the behaviors and customs of ones own ethic group or culture is superior to others
• Dualismthe belief that the body and soul are separate and antagonistic
• Victorian erathe period during the reign of queen Victoria of England (1819-1901). With regard to sexuality, it was a time of great public prudery (the pleasurable aspects of sex were denied) and many incorrect medical beliefs
• Sexual revolutiona period in us history, beginning about 1960, of increased sexual permissiveness
• Socializationthe process of internalizing society’s beliefs; the manner in which a society shapes individual behaviors and expectations of behaviors
• Socializing agentthe social influences (parents, peers, and the media) that shape behaviors
• Identificationtwo meanings 1) the adoption of the sex roles of the same sex parent by a child, and 2) in advertising, to identify or relate t a product
• Surveya study of peoples attitudes, opinions, or behaviors. Responses are usually obtained either in a face to face interview or on a paper and pencil questionnaire
• Populationthe complete set of observations about which a researcher wishes to draw conclusions
• Samplea sublet of a population of subjects
• Random samplea sample in which observations are drawn so that all other possible samples of the same size have an equal chance at being selected
• Stratified random samplea sample in which subgroups are randomly selected in the same proportion as they exist in the population. Thus the sample is representative of the target population
• Volunteer biasa bias in research results that is caused by differences between people who agree to participate and others who refuse
• Correlationa mathematical measure of the degree of the relationaship beteen two variables
• Direct observationobserving and recording the activity of subjects as they conduct their activities
• Case studyan in depth study of an individual
• Observer biasthe prejusicing of observations and conclusions by the observes own belief system
• Experimental methoda study in which an investigator attempts to establish and cause and effect relationship by manipulating a variable of interest (the independent variable) while keeping all other factors the same
• Procreationto have children
• Had sexvaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, or oral
• Freuddemonstrating influence of sexuality in human life
• Alfred Kinsleythought he was insane bc he masturbated; started collecting data
• Masters and Johnsonstarted to directly observe and record the physiological responses in humans engaged in sexual activity in a laboratory
• Saint Augustinebelieved sexual intercourse was sinful
• Saint Paulcan only have sex after marriage