Human Sacrifice

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Question Answer
Frances Berdan Disproportionate targeting of adult males, makes it temporarily at least hard to mount a rebellion, but also religious significance in blood debt- and showing of grandeur and might of militaristic society. RELIGION AND POLITICS
Michael SmithALL POLITICAL - made rulers of other cities watch Sacrifice of own soldiers at the coronation of new tlatoani
EIizabeth Brumfiel Political - made commoners also aware of their own subordination , but mostly targeted ideology at young men of nobility- in the past they were the ones most likely to crease instability
John inghamRetribution - political - not willing to pay tribute, etc. Gets evidence from migratory myth
Peter hasslerBelieve if it didn't exist - question archaeological and sources - myth or legend
Kurly tlapoyawaDidn't exist - skull rack, law and punishment in work
Michael graulich Religion - sin ! A worthy afterlife
David Hanson Compares to genocide, performing HS through a dominant elite thus was POLITICAL
Geronimo de AguilarStillness of victims

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