Human eye

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accommodationchanging of shape of the eye lens by eye muscles to allow sharply focused image to form on the retina
hyperopia (FAR SIGHTENEDNESS)inability of eye to FOCUS LIGHT FROM NEARBY OBJECTS. distance between lens and retina is too small or cornea lens combination is too weak
presbyopia (age related)form of far sightedness caused by loss of accommodation as person ages caused by eye lesns losing its elasticity.
myopia (near sightedness)inability of eye to FOCUS LIGHT FROM DISTANT OBJECTS. lens and retina is too large and cornea lens comb converges light too strongly.
positive meniscusmodified form of converging lens shape. MIDDLE PART OF LENS IS THICKER THAN EDGE
negative meniscusmodified form of diverging lens shape. EDGE OF LENS IS STILL THICKER THAN MIDDLE PART.
contact lenseslens placed directly on the cornea of eye.

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