Human Development and Sexual Health Note (Test on June 21, 2017)

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-Remember that this page is only notes, what this means is that if you were not at school or were not paying attention and missed some notes, you may copy the notes off here. If you want to use this as a study guide, you can. but please note that there WILL be a real study guide coming as we get close to the test date! Thank you very much for using this note I made, hope this helped you. Have a great day!! (^.^)


-STI (sexually Transmitted Infection)
-here is the link to the study guide/practice quiz:


Question Answer
What does abstinence mean?The term abstinence means delaying and not have sexual activity. It is very important to have a shared understanding with a partner about delaying sexual activity until you are older.
What must a boy wear or what you (girls) should demand a boy wear if you decides to have sex at an young age?a condom

Lists of reasons (you do not have to answer ALL of them, 3 is fine)

It is important to have a good understanding of YOURSELF before getting involved with someone else. It's not just a decision to have sex or waiting until you are older. It's also about physical readiness. Things to consider: (9)1/ Unplanned pregnancy
2/ Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)
3/ Your sexual orientation and gender identity
4/ Understanding of your own body
5/ Emotional implications of sexual intimacy and being in a relationship
6/ Religious beliefs
7/ Moral and ethical considerations
8/ social labelling
9/ possible contraceptive side effects
Some poor reasons for having sexual intercourse: (10)1/ Curiosity
2/ To show that you really love the other person
3/ Too embarrassed to say "STOP"
4/ To feel loved
5/ to be more popular
6/ To rebel
7/ I was Drunk/Stoned ("But I was Drunk/stoned! I didn't know what was happening!")
8/ To improve relationship
9/ To go along with what others seem to be doing (To fit in)
10/ Don't know it's bad, Not educated ("I didn't know that was bad, no one told me!")
Reasons why many teens don't have Intercourse (7)1/ Practice abstinence for religious reasons and personal moral beliefs.
2/ Abstinence can be a sign of emotional maturing and integrity.
3/ Reduce the risk of sexual transmitted infections
4/ The only method of birth control that is 100%
5/ Shows that they can withstand peer pressure
6/ Avoid upsetting parents.
7/ Allows relationship to build and grew closer in non-sexual ways.
If a person is thinking about having sex, what can they do to protect themselves? (3)1/ Go to health clinic, see a nurse or a doctor who can provide information about protection.
2/ Talk to your partner about using a condom AND other birth control.
3/ Use a condom every time. It protects against HIV, STIs and pregnancy.
How to get STIs: (3)1/ Sexual contact (exchange badly fluids)
2/ sharing Items (needles)
3/ Mother to Baby
**Also sometimes from a tattoo shop (dirty needle)
How to avoid getting an STI: (3)1/ Abstain from sex
2/ Use protection during sex condom
3/ Avoid being with several partners (1 would be preferable)

Remember the following... (ABC)

Aabstain (don't have sex)
Bbe faithful (Few partners = lower risk)
Ccondom (use protection)

STIs overview

Question Answer
Chlamydia-Symptoms appear 2~6 weeks after infection
- 70% of women and 50% of men have NO symptons
female symptom-new or add vaginal discharge
-burning feeling when urinating
-pain in abdomen, fever, chills
-pain during sex
Male symptomsWater/milky drip from penis
-itching inside penis
-burning feeling when urinating
-pain or swelling of testicles
Testingpelvic exam (women) and penile swab (men)
Treatmentantibiotics and follow up test
complications-can permanently damage reproductive organs
-mother to baby transfer: causes infection of eyes and lungs
Womenchronic lower abdominal pain
-spread infection to fallopian tubes = sterility
-tubal pregnacey- can rupture and cause internal bleeding
MenSterlity, testicular pain, swelling