Human Body

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Question Answer
Alleledifferent forms of the same gene
Codominantboth allels of a gene are expressed in equal messure
Crossa hypothetical or actual mating of two organisms
Diploidindividual with a double set of chromosomes
Fertilizationprocces of sperm and egg combination to from a zygote
Gamatesperm or egg; haploid
Genesmall segment of DNA on a chromosome that encodes a trait
Genotypegene combination controlling the expression of a phenotype
Genotypic Ratioratio of all possible combinations of alleles in an offspring
Haploidhaving one set of chromosomes; many times a gamate
Heterozygaustwo different forms of the same gene
Homologous Chromosomespair of chromosomes in a diploid individual have the same size, structure, and genetic make up
Homozygoushaving two of the same alleles
Incomplete DominanceCombination of alleles that result in a blend of the two possible physical manifestations
Meiosis special gamate producing cells reduce their cromosome number by half
Phenotypephysical appearence of a trait dictated by the gene combination
Phenotypic Ratioratio of possible physical appearence of offspring
Punnett Square technique used in the prediction of possible genetic combinations
RecessiveAllele of a gene that can be masked by the dominant allel,
ZygoteFertilized egg
Integumentary sytem Skin, prevents water loss
Cardiovascular System Heart and Blood Vessels, used for transport
Endocrine SystemPancreas, Ovaries, Testies, Thyroid, used to control hormones
Immune System Spleen, protects you from disease
Respitory System Lungs, used for gas exchange
Urinary System Bladder and Kiddney used for waste excretion
Reproductive System Ovaries, Uterus, Testie, used for reproduction
Digestive System Intestine, Stomach, Liver, Pancreas, used to absorb nutrients
Nervous System Brain, Nerves used for rapid control of body
Skeletal SystemBones are used for support and protection
Lymphatic System Lymphnodes recycle fluids
Muscular System Muscles are used for movement
Mitosis type of division process