Human body facts

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Some Important Facts of Amazing Human body Parts

Question Answer
Human body Muscles639
Human body bones206
Largest organ of human body Skin
Number of cells in body75 trillion
Largest boneFemur (Thigh bone).
Smallest boneEarossicle and stapes.
Weight of brain1424 g.
Blood volume6.8 L (in 70 kg body).
Normal B.P120/80 mm hg.
Hd content in body500-700 gm.
Blood Platelets200000-400000/cubic mm.
Universal blood donerO Rh-(ve).
Universal blood recipientAB.
Blood clotting time2-5 minutes.
Normal body temperature98.4 degree F or 37 degree C.
Breathing rate16-20 /minute.
Dental formulaAdult = 32 child = 20 milk teeth.
Largest endocrine glandThyroid.
Largest muscle in the bodyGluteus maximus (Buttok muscie).
Greatest regeneration powerIn Liver.
Menopause age40-50 years.
Minimum regeneration powerIn brain cells.
Minimum distance for proper vision25 cm.
Pulse rate72/minute.
Normal sperms count200-350 million/ejaculation.
ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)4-10 min/h.
Thinnest skinConjunctive.
Life span of R.B.C120 days.
Normal W.B.C count 5000-1000/cubic mm.
Life span of W.B.C3-4 days.