Human Anatomy & Physiology Histology

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Question Answer
Function of simple squamous epitheliumAllows passage of materials by diffusion and filtration
Function of cuboidal epitheliumSecretion and absorbtion
Function of columnar epitheliumsecretion of mucus and enzymes
Function of stratified squamous epitheliumProtects underlying tissues in areas subjected to abrasion
Function of areolar connective tissueholds organs in place and attaches epithelial tissue to other underlying tissues.
Function of adipose tissueinsulator
Function of reticular connective tissuefibers form a soft internal skelton that supports other cell types
Function of dense regular connective tissueattaches bones to bones
Function of hyaline cartilageSupports and reinforces
Function of elastic cartilagemaintains the shape of a structure while allowing great flexibility
Function of bonesupports and protects
Function of bloodtransports nutrients, wastes, and gases
Function of striated skeletal musclemovement
Function of striated cardiac musclecirculates blood
Function of smooth musclepropels substances or objects along internal passageways
Function of nervous tissuetransmit electrical signals

Section 2

Question Answer
Location of simple squamous epitheliumair sacs of lungs
Location of simple cuboidal epitheliumKidney tubules
Location of simple columnar epitheliumDigestive tract
Location of stratified squamous epitheliummouth, vagina
Location of areolar connective tissuesurrounds capillaries and around organs
Location of adipose tissueSubcutaneous layer of the skin
Location of reticular connective tissuelymphoid organs
Location of dense regular connective tissuetendons
Location of hyaline cartilagenose, larynx
Location of elastic cartilage ear
Location of bonebones
Location of bloodblood vessels
Location of striated skeletal muscleattached to bones
Location of striated cardiac muscleheart
Location of smooth musclewalls of hollow organs
Location of nervous tissuebrain

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