Human Anatomy 201- Practical 2- Actions

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Section 1

Question Answer
Supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapulariscircumduction of shoulder
teres majoradducts shoulder
rhomnoid major and rhomboid minorretraction of scapula
serratus anterior protraction of scapula

Section 2

Question Answer
latissimus dorsi (2)extends and adducts shoulder
trapezius (3)elevation, depression, and retraction of scapula
deltoidabducts humerus
pectoralis major (2)flexes and adducts shoulder
pectoralis minorprotraction of scapula
triceps brachii long/lateral/medial head extends elbow
biceps brachiiflexes elbow and supinates forearm
brachialis flexes elbow
coracobrachialisadducts shoulder

Section 3

Question Answer
pronator terespronates forearm
flexor carpi radialis (2)flexes wrist, radial deviation of hand
palmaris longusflexes wrist
flexor carpi ulnaris (2)flexes wrist, ulnar deviation of hand
flexor digitorum superficialis/ Profundus flexes fingers
flexor pollicis longusflexes thumb
pronator quadratus pronates forearm

Section 4

Question Answer
brachioradials flexes elbow
extensor carpi radialis longus/ Brevis (2)extends wrist and radial deviation of hand
extensor digitorum extends fingers
extensor digiti minimiextends little finger
extensor carpi ulnaris (2)extends wrist and ulnar deviation of hand
ancaneusassists in extension of elbow
supinatorsupinates forearm
abductor pollicis longus abducts thumb
extensor pollicis brevis/ Longus extends thumb
extensor indicisextends index finger

Section 5

Question Answer
thenar groupmove thumb
abductor digiti minimi abducts little finger

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