Hum test 2

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humanities test 2


Who came first historically?:Minoans
The entire Minoan nation was wiped out in 1628BC by:tsunami
There never was a nation who called itself Greece; rather, there was a group of people named the:Hellenes Score
Which of these fought in the Trojan war?:Mycenaeans
Name the German archaeologist who was laughed at by those who said Troy was simply a myth. he went hunting and in 1871 found the ruins of Troy, a very real city indeed. Today you can take a tour there.:Schliemann
Greece differed from surrounding nations in religion in that:it had no permanent priesthood or even a priestly class
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The Greeks taught that that were three major forces which controlled a person's life: (1) the Gods, (2) Luck/Chance), and (3)Character
In 621 BC this man, the first of the reformers, created the first code of laws.Draco
This man is called the Father of Democracy for it was he who created the first Council of Four Hundred, the jury system, and freed the debt slavesSolon
The first major military victory for the Greeks was in 490BC, against the Persians whereplains of Marathon
Homer, the famous Greek author, gave usthe Iliad and the Odyssey.
In the first major battle between the Greeks and the Persians, the Persian king/generalDarius
Which Greek philosopher said that water was the basic "stuff'” of the universe?Thales
Who said you can never put your foot in the same river twice - meaning that everything is constantly changing; that nothing is permanent?Heraklcitos
Who devised the mathematical formula a2 + b2 = c2, still used today in high school geometry when solving for the length of the hypotenuse of a right trianglePythagoras
The Greeks had their own version of the Creation and the Force which guides the universe. It was Herakleitos who said that "In the beginning was the ___, and the ___ was with God and the ___was God." What is the Greek word he used?logos


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Who maintained we lived in a shower of atoms?Democritus
Name the famous pass/battle where the 300 “Navy seal-type” troops died.Thermopalae
The best troops, the best fighters of the ancient world, all came from an area in southern Greece calledSparta
Name the famous civilization that was on the island just southeast of Greece. They were wiped out about 1500-1600BC by a tidal wave from an exploding volcano.Minoans
The first Greek code of laws was published in 621BCDraco
The king of Persia, the man who led his armies against the Greeks, wasDarius
Who said you can never put your foot in the same river twice?Heraklcitos
The famous leader of Athens during her Golden age wasPericles
Who wrote AgamemnonAeschylus
Agamemnon was the name ofleader of Greek forces in Trojan
Thales maintained that _____ is the basic element of the universeWater
Which came first - Fall of Crete or Trojan war?Fall of Crete


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When one considers the Wheel of Change, the progression goes fromBalance to Chaos to Adjustment and back to Balance
Wheel of Change progression is the basis forthe culture/epoch theory
the reason behind societal paradigm change, as seen in The Man Who Saw Through Heaven isculture/epoch theory of Balance to Chaos to Adjustment and back to Balance
Which civilization/people was famous for its inverted columns (a very creative architectural discovery)?Crete
Name the civilization responsible for the destruction/dispersion of the “10 Lost Tribes”Assyria?
Most texts, yours included, say that “History begins in _________.” (name the country/region)Sumer
The Greeks said three forces control your lifethe gods, Fate, and character
There never really was a nation which called itself Greece. Rather, their nation was called , a name still found on their stamps and currency.Hellas
Rounding off the date, the Trojan war took place in approximately what year?1200 BC
The true Greek “hero” needed to excel in two areas: physical strength and _________brains
The strong island nation to the southeast of Greece was ___. This nation's power was broken by a natural disaster.Crete
The best source material concerning the Trojan War is found in “The Iliad.” Who wrote it?Homer
Compared with most other nations of that time, How was Egypt'a lifeeasy -- two predictable floods each year, lots of sun, fertile ground, etc.
Prosperity in Egypt was reflected inboth their religion and their outlook on life
In 621BC this man published a code of laws, the first of its kind in Greece. They were very severe but at least they applied to everyoneDraco
In the year 490BC the Greeks fought the Persians in the first great battle of their nation, the Battle of ___.Marathon
Name the second famous battle, where 300 Spartans fought to the death defending a famous pass.Thermopolae
Which philosopher maintained that water was the basic material of which the universe was composed?Thales
Who established the first representative form of government, with a Council of 400, in Athens?Solon
who told us that “"Nothing is, rather, everything is becoming.," based this on the simple proof of putting his foot in a river, then taking it out and putting it in again.Heracleitus
Which came first historically? the Flood or the tower of BabelFlood
Alexander was a Greek who conquered the largest, strongest nation of his day. Indeed, this nation was known as the “ruler of the world.” Name the nationPersia
Whenever we talk about atoms and the idea that all matter is composed of such it is because this man.Democritus


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Which government that we studied had a matriarchal form of leadership? Persia Babylon Assyria Medes Greecenone of these


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A group of 150 city-states (polis) joined forces to protect themselves from any future invasion from Persia. They called themselves the ___ League.Delian
While the women stayed home, the men spent most of the day at one of two places -- —the gymnasium or the . (Use their word.)agora
Name the philosopher who maintained “That which is permanent is real, and it only exists in the mind,” saying numbers were the only thing you could really believe.Pythagoras
Of all the early Middle East civilizations, the _________ were the most vicious in their conquests. They prided themselves in frightening people into submission by doing such niceties as chopping off their victim’s hands and feet. Fortunately their ways did not prevail, and they too “died by the sword”.Assyria
When marching forth from mighty Sparta to conquer Athens, in which general direction would I go?north
When I have two upright columns connected by an overhead beam, this architectural design is called “post and _____”lintel architrave
In most civilizations the king was not chosen nor voted on, he just took over, saying God wanted him there. This type of rule/king, basing his right to rule on some "divine" decree, is called a king.sacral
The opposite type of ruler (king), is one who simply took over because he was strong-willed. The common historical name for this type of ruler is atyrant


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Privilege of becomingclassical scholars
There is no end tomans learning
Might as well get in the habit. Push yourself or drive yourself. unless you're endangering your health you aren't doing a good job at all. Only if you reach the boundarywill the boundary receed before you. You must live on the very boarder of your capacity, then the limit will retreat from before you. Like a dog - if we walk towards them it will walk forward. if we run away it will attack us

Hum test 2

Question Answer
Who wrote Agamemnon?Aeschylus
Who is Orestes?son of Agamemnon
Who is the person who can see into the future, yet no one will believe?Cassandra
What is the agora?marketplace
What is the theme of Agamemnon?the nature of Justice
Who is Agamemnon?a king of Greece
Who told Orestes to commit the murder?Apollo
To what city must Orestes go to stand trial for the murder?Athens
Who will judge Orestes?Athena and some citizens
At the conclusion of The Eumenides, what happened to the old hags?they turn into sweet little ladies and stay in town
What is the answer to the riddle of the sphinx?man
As the play Oedipus opens why have the gods sent a plague on the city?the gods are offended the previous king's murder is not yet solved
Who kills Laius?Oedipus
What happens to Jocasta?commits suicide
To better understand most Greek plays you need to know the meaning of catharsisa feeling the play ended like it should--that it couldn't end any other way
The Greek plays were one of the first areas where we see early democracy in action. Women were allowed to perform in plays. True or FalseFalse
Which of these concluded that trial by jury was the best form of justice?Eumenides
Who maintained that "the unexamined life is not worth living"?Socrates
Modern drama got its start from the Greeks, who got their start from the worship of which god?Dionysus