HSP Science Grade 5 Chapter 3 Vocabulary

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Question Answer
vascular tissueThe plants' transport tube
nonvascular plantPlants without vascular tissue
vascular plantPlants with vascular tissue
xylemThe vascular tissue that carries water and nutrients from the roots to other parts of the plants
phloemThe vascular tissue that carries food (glucose sugar) to the rest of the plants
photosynthesisThe process that uses sunlight, carbon dioxide,and water to make glucose sugar and oxygen (6CO2+6H2O=C6H12O6+6O2)
sporeA single reproductive cell that can grow into a new plant
gametophyteWhen the sperms grow and form gametes
spermMale gametes
eggsFemale gametes
zygoteA cell with complete amount of chromosomes
gymnospermA plant that creates a seed that have only a seed coat covering it
pollenA male sperm
angiosperma flowering plant that have seeds protected by a fruit
antherThe part that make pollen
filamentThe part that holds the anther up
stamenThe male part of the flower ; contains anther and filament
ovaryThe part that creates egg cells
stigmaThe part that collects pollen
styleThe part that holds the stigma up
pistilThe female part of the flower ; contains ovary, stigma and style

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