HSP Science Grade 5 Chapter 2 Vocabulary

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Question Answer
classificationHow it is grouped
kingdomsThe largest group of classification; contains animals, plants, bacteria, protists, fungi
phylumThe second largest group of classification ; contains vertebrate, invertebrate, etc.
classThe third largest group of classification ; contain mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, etc.
orderThe fourth largest group of classification ; contains Carnivora (meat eater, carnivore), Herbivora (plant eaters, herbivore), etc.
familyThe third smallest group of classification ; example Felidae (all cats), etc.
genusThe second smallest group of classification ; example Felis (small and medium-sized cat species), Panthera (great cats), etc.
speciesThe smallest group of classification (unique kind of animals)
vascular tissueThe plants' transport tube
vascular plantsPlants with vascular tissue
nonvascular plantsPlants without vascular tissue
vertebrateAnimals with backbone
vertebraeThe bones that make up the backbone
invertebrateAnimals without backbone

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