Hospital Acquired Pneumonia

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Question Answer
What is HAP?Acute lower respiratory tract infection acquired after at least 48 hours of admission to hospital
What else is on the spectrum of HAP?Ventilator-associated pneumonia and health care associated pneumonia
What causes HAP?Strep. pneumoniae, Mycoplasma ", Chlamydophilia ", Haemophillus influenza, legionella, aspiration and respiratory viruses
What tests should be ordered in HAP?CXR, WBC count, pulse oximetry
How is HAP diagnosed?combination of abnormal imaging + at least 2 of: fever, leucocytosis, leukopenia, purulent secretion
How should presumptive HAP be treated?ceftriazone/ciprofloxacin/ampicillin+sulbactam
What is CPIS?Clinical pulmonary infection score, if score 6 or more on day 1 or 3, antibiotics continued for 8 days, if not stopped on day 3

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