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GH Growth HormoneGrowth of all body tissues
TSH Thryroid Stimulating HormoneStimulates Thyroid gland to make thyroid hormones
ACTH AdrenocorticotropicStimulates adrenal cortex in creating its hormones and aids in proteecting body in stress situations (P or injury)
PRL prolactinStimulates milk production
FSHStimulates growth of hormonal activity in ovarian follicles and testes--sperm development
LHinitiates ovulation and progestrine--testesterone
ADH anti-diureticwater reabsorbtion
Oxytocincauses uterine concractions and milk ejection
T4 Thyroxineincreases metablic rate influencing both physical and mental activities
T3 Triiodothyrineincreases metablic rate influencing both physical and mental activities
PTH Parathyroidcalcium exhcange in blood and bones
EpinephrineBlood pressure and heart rate increasing (sympathetic nervous responce)
Cortisolincrease blood glucouse--STRESS
Aldosteronesalt retention and potassium excretion
Sex Hormonessecondary sexual characteristics
Isulin reduces blood glucouse by making glucose go into cells and glucouse storage, fat and protien synthisis
Glucagonstimulates liver to release glucose, increses blood glucose leveles
Testosteronegrowth of sexual organs teses and penis and secondary sexual characteristics
Estrogengrowth of sexual organs uterues and tubes and secondary sexual characteristics
Progestrinegrowth of sexual organs mammory glands, uterine lining, aids in maintaining prgnanc
Melatoninregulates mood, sexual development, daily cycles in responce to light levels

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