Hormone Replacement Therapy

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What are the contra-indications to HRT?History of breast cancer, VTE, recent stroke/MI, uncontrolled hypertension (also acute liver disease, oestrogen dependent cancer
What are the short-term benefits to HRT?Relief of vasomotor symptoms, anxiety and low mood, restoration of libido, relief of urogenital atrophy
What are the long-term benefits to HRT?Reduction in osteoporosis, reduction in risk of coronary artery disease
What are the risks of HRT?VTE, stroke, breast cancer, ovarian cancer (if used for more than 5 years)
What are the side-effects of HRT?Oestrogen effects - breast tenderness, leg cramps, nausea/vomiting. Progesterone effects - pre-menstrual syndrome. Bleeding (in cyclical HRT)
How is HRT administered?Systemically (oral/transdermal) or topical (vaginal creams/pessaries)
What are the types of systemic HRT?Oestrogen only (if no uterus), Cyclical HRT (if peri-menopausal), Continuous HRT (if post-menopausal)
What is cyclical HRT?Oestrogen every day, but oestrogen and progesterone given for 12-14 days to cause bleed at the end of every menstrual cycle (very similar to hormones in normal menstrual cycle)
What is continuous HRT?Oestrogen and progesterone every day (no bleed)
What is the maximum duration of HRT?No maximum duration - individualised for each woman - however some risks increase with time, such as ovarian cancer
What are alternatives to HRT?CBT (helps with mood symptoms) anti-depressants (can help with mood and vasomotor symptoms) - also mirena coil for irregular periods and lubricants for vaginal dryness

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