Horizon Aircraft Q400 Limitations

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Weight Limits

Question Answer
Max Ramp Weight65.4
Maximum Take-off Weight65.2
Maximum Landing Weight62.0


Approved operations include
Day and night VFR
Icing conditions

Max Operation Speed (VMO)

Question Answer
0-8,000'245 KIAS
10,000'282 KIAS
18,000'286 KIAS
20,000'275 KIAS
25,000'248 KIAS

Flap Extended Speed (VFE) Vmin - Vmax - Structural

Question Answer
Flaps 0180 - VMO - VMO
Flaps 5160 - 195 - 200
Flaps 10150 - 175 - 181
Flaps 15Bug - 165 - 172
Flaps 35Bug - 155 - 158

Airspeed Limits

Question Answer
Severe Turbulence210 KIAS
Maneuvering Speed (VA)204 KIAS
Landing Gear Extended Speed (VLE) 215 KIAS
Landing Gear Operating Speed (VLO)195 KIAS
Structural Landing Gear Operating Speed200 KIAS


Question Answer
Maximum operating altitude 25,000’
Maximum operation altitude for take-off10,000’
Maximum Runway Slope approved for take-off and landing +/-2% (uphill/downhill)
Maximum tailwind component T/O with flaps 10 or 15 and LND flap 35 20 knots
Maximum tailwind component T/O with flaps 5 and LND flap 10 or 15 10 knots
Maximum crosswind T/O and LND on hard, dry, or wet runway 32 knots
Maximum operating ambient temp limit50⁰c or ISA +35⁰c (whatever is lower)
Minimum operating ambient temp limit-54⁰c
Minimum width of runway no less than 100’
Minimum flight crew one pilot and one co-pilot


Single engine taxi is not authorized and reverse taxi is not authorized


Question Answer
Propeller Manufacturer Dowty Aerospace
Propeller Model R408
Powerplant Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney
Powerplant Model 150A
Powerplant Ambient Temperature Limitations-54⁰C to +50⁰C or ISA +35⁰
Max Altitude For Airstart 20,000 ft
Usable Fuel Capacities5,862 lbs per tank 11,724 lbs Total
Max Fuel Imbalance >600 lbs
Max Altitude For Extending Landing Gear and Flaps15,000 ft
Max Tire Speed 182 kts groundspeed
Normal Cabin Pressure Differential Limit 5.46 +/-0.1 psi
Max Cabin Pressure Differential Limit 5.95 psi
Max Cabin Pressure Differential Limit During Taxiing, takeoff and Landing 0.5 psi
Max Cabin Altitude 8,000 ft
APU Ambient Temperature (Lower)-54⁰C
APU Ambient Temperature (Higher)+50⁰C or ISA +35⁰C, Whichever Lower


APU Limitations
Is approved for Ground Operations Only
Must be shutdown prior to take-off
Must not be operated unattended with passengers on board
Must not be operated unattended during pressure refueling
Must not be operated during gravity refueling


Question Answer
Wing Span 93 ft 3 in
Length 107 ft 9 in
Height27 ft 4 in
Propeller Diameter 13 ft 6 in