Honors English Final Exam Vocabulary

Updated 2008-01-20 18:02
Question Answer
Ambiguousadj-having more than one possible meaning; unclear
Aberrationn-wandering from the right path or usual course of action
Altruisticadj-thoughtful of the welfare of others; unselfish
Affinityn-natural attraction to a person or liking for a thing
Audacityn-boldness, reckless daring
Ambivalencen- uncertainty or fluctuation, esp. when caused by inability to make a choice or by a simultaneous desire to say or do two opposite or conflicting things.
Acrimonyn-sharpness or bitterness in temper, language, or manner
Aversionn-a strong or fixed dislike; antipathy
Affableadj-easy to talk to; courteous and pleasant
Amenableadj-open to suggestion or advice; responsive; submissive
Admonishv-advise against something; warn; reprove gently
Brusqueadj-abrupt in manner or speech; blunt
Benevolentadj-kind, charitable
Bourgeoisadj-of the middle class
Blundern-a stupid mistake
Coarseadj-rough; n-route
Capitulatev-surrender on certain terms or conditions
Capriciousadj-guided by one's fancy; full of unreasonable notions; changeable, fickle
Compliancen-act of doing as another wishes, act of yielding to a request or command
Contendv-fight, struggle
Contrivev-invent, design; plan, scheme, plot
Culpableadj-deserving blame
Coalescev-grow together, unite into one body, mass, party, etc.; combine
Covertadj-secret, hidden, disguised
Cogitatev-think over, consider with care, meditate, ponder
Complacentadj-pleased, self-satisfied (in a smug way)
Desolateadj-laid waste, devastated, barren, deserted, not lived in
Deplorev-to be very sorry about; regret deeply; lament
Degradationn-a reducing in status, rank; being reduced, or degraded
Derisionn-scornful laughter, ridicule, contempt
Disputatiousadj-inclined to argue
Digressionn-a turning aside, getting off the main subject in talking or writing
Desultoryadj-jumping from one thing to another, disconnected, without aim or method
Eclecticadj-selecting and using what seems best from various sources; made up of selections from various sources
Egregiousadj-remarkably or extraordinarily bad; outrageous; flagrant; remarkable, extraordinary
Fallaciousadj-deceptive, misleading; logically unsound, erroneous
Fabricationn-manufacture; fabricating
Gregariousadj-living in flocks, herds, or other groups; fond of being with others
Hiatusn-an empty space, gap; space that needs to be filled
Impugnv-call in question, attack by words or arguments; challenge as false
Insipidadj-dull, uninteresting, colorless, weak
Implacableadj-that cannot be placated, pacified, or appeased; relentless
Imperiousadj-haughty, arrogant, domineering, overbearing
Inhibitedadj-overly restrained.
Judiciousadj-having, showing, or using good judgment; wise, sensible
Laudn-praise; song or hymn of praise
Mendaciousadj-lying, untruthful; false, untrue
Neophyten-a new person, beginner, novice
Officiousadj-too ready to offer service or advice; minding other people's business; fond of meddling
Placidadj-calm, peaceful, quiet
Pecuniaryadj-having to do with money
Placatev-to appease or pacify
Portentn-a warning of coming evil; sign; omen
Profuseadj-very abundant
Perusev-read through carefully
Reticentadj-disposed to keeping silent or saying little; not speaking freely
Remorsen-deep, painful regret for having done wrong
Seamyadj-unpleasant or sordid; low; disagreeable; sketchy
Salutaryadj-beneficial, good for the health
Somnolentadj-sleepy, drowsy
Standardn-anything taken as a basis for comparison, model; adj-according to rule, having recognized excellence or authority
Tenuousadj-thin, slender; having slight importance; not substantial
Tactn-ability to say or do the right things; skill in dealing with people or handling different situations
Toadyn-a fawning flatterer
Triteadj-worn out by use, no longer new or interesting
Unshodadj-without shoes
Ubiquitousadj-being everywhere at the same time
Volatileadj-changing rapidly from one mood or interest, fickle
Vigorn-active strength or force; healthy energy or power
Wanev-become smaller
Yearnv-to long for